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I agree. Need up to 100000 files. Thanks!

That's it. I need to organize up to 100000 files.

Jorge , 09.07.2010, 15:39
Response from the site administrator
tabbles, 09.07.2010
True... we've been a bit greedy on this side... :-)

1) I promise you that 10.000 files is already a lot!
2) you want a full license but don't want to pay? We gave out some 300 free full licenses already and it's the best thing we did so far - you could be the next one! Please check this:


or just write us to offer some kind of help... it's not hard at all to get a free license from us! We're a bunch of self-funded (read: poor) developers and your 30$ wouldn't help us that much anyway! :-D
Idea status: under consideration


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