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Give up. The idea of relational file retrieval is a good one - but a better one is clear text indexing whereby remembering a word or two in the file will get it back for you. Win Vista/7 already has this - and there are a bunch of third-party produ

James Hempsmorkington , 09.07.2010, 19:21
Response from the site administrator
tabbles, 09.07.2010
You're so very wrong:

1) you not only need to find files but to group them (by project, customer, year, etc) and your one-two words won't do

2) what if you're working with a crazy excel spreadsheet where all you can read is numbers? What if the 1-2 words are not there cause you're looking for a picture?

3) most important: what if you're looking in a company's shared drive where those 1-2 words will pop-up 100k files where you only worked on one of them, and that file is 55,000th in the list?

This, my young padawan, is the key to will lead you to The Force.
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