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If you follow other suggestion of >NET framework being included in the download, make it optional on the install, as some people already have it!

Many people already have .NET framework (sorry for the ">NET before). And actually, of course it will take as long to download & install even if it is in your installer. BUT it would cut down on the hassle of the install, which truthfully can make all the difference! I often stop an install completely if it has another ap I must find and install seperately. Yes, really. As it often becomes a huge hassle, more so than it sounds. 3rd party installs (or 2 or 3 pieces of 1)is a big reason I seldom use many open-source aps anymore. If you put the .NET framework in installer, would it cost more?

Skye-hook , 10.07.2010, 05:00
Idea status: under consideration


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