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make the program recognize the back button on mice

I have a mouse with extra buttons, forward and back. I find them useful not just in my internet browser, but throughout my computing. They greatly simplify my process of file management, to browse in my files is much quicker and smoother with the use of them. I installed Tabbles and liked it quite well, but noticed greatly the lack of use of the buttons on my mouse. If Tabbles could be made to accept the input of these buttons, that would greatly increase my chance of adopting this approach to file browsing and tagging. If you think it would not be very helpful, get a mouse with these buttons and try it. Once you are used to it, time your work with files, the difference will shock you. It shocked me when I first got such a mouse I did not think the difference would be very great, it does not sound like it would be.

Please add this functionality to Tabbles, it is a useful, and timesaving effort, which would further streamline the browsing experience.

earon , 10.07.2010, 09:16
Idea status: under consideration


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