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have it keep track of tags on files and folders if you move them with Windows Explorer File System.

MadDogTen , 09.07.2010, 08:27
Response from the site administrator
tabbles, 09.07.2010
We know guys, and we'd LOVE to do it, but it's simply not that easy.

But there is more: we used to do it using the infamous FileSystemWatcher, but the system was just unreliable (http://bytes.com/topic/net/answers/460919-filesystemwatcher-unreliable) so we had to drop it.

If anyone has an idea on how to get this done, we're all ears, seriously!!!

Idea status: scheduled


tabbles, 09.07.2010, 09:57
Yes we know!!!!

We posted something on Ashraf's review:

if anyone has an idea on how to get this to work, we're ALL EARS!


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