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I hate MS .NET Framework

MS .NET Framework sucks!

. , 09.07.2010, 09:00
Response from the site administrator
tabbles, 09.07.2010
Interesting subject.

We've just created a topic on our forum about this, please come and discuss with us:


Idea status: under consideration


tabbles, 09.07.2010, 09:56
We hate people who use the word "hate".
., 09.07.2010, 10:00

Why hate me? Cause your program uses MS .NET Framework? You should hate your self for going the wrong direction by utilizing the framework.
tabbles, 09.07.2010, 10:29
We accept ANY comment, even from Mars. Even the silliest ones.
We just don't like the word "hate" as it's by definition counter-productive.
If you wrote "it would be so nice if it didn't require the .net framework!" than I would have posted a meaningful and explaining answer.
tabbles, 09.07.2010, 11:43
Your last comment was out-of-topic therefore I removed it.
tabbles, 09.07.2010, 15:19
No, I just delete the pointless and angry ones

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